Request - temporary FIX for - sales invoice items by customer report

@lubos @Tut
for the moment we dont have an avaiable report for Items sold to a specific consumer in an selectable time frame but, General Ledger summary report can show all inventory sales for the period we select if we click the inventary sales, and it has the Qty column :slight_smile: we can export it to excel filter the contact column use a pivot table to sum the lines that are the same and voila we got the items sold
there is a problem that report doesnt show item code column
and the description for a product is often changed so we get the Qty of the same product in different lines

can you please add the item code column ?
i hope it is easy to add so we can have a report at least until
sales invoice items by customer report - is done


Good thought, @Genti_Ge. I have put this into the ideas category.

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This has been implemented now as part of the new custom report implementation.

Also new Summary screen when drilling-down will show this column too.