Feature request: Supplier quotes

Is it possible to add a new menu item to record quotes from suppliers?

This is useful for keeping track of supplier quotes and checking against purchase invoice unit price.

Feel it is better to have options to send out RFQ and also there on to record the quotes, this will result in depending on a single software

Think it is the receiving end of the sales invoice.
From selling’s point, sales invoice function keeps records of sales quotations.
It would be nice to have the similar function for the purchasing point, especially when you need to track multiple RFQs for a product or service.

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I don’t mind adding this but first I’m going to add attachments (in a week or two) so you can keep also scanned copy of the quote, then some linking system so you can group/link related quotes/orders/invoices.

that would be great… looking forward for it

I too think this would be great feature. Create RFQ, which can be copied to Sales Quote and/or Purchase Order.