Catagorise Manager Cloud Version

I have a suggestion for management/owner of manager accounting software.

Most of the small businesses are prefering desk top free version instead of to get the cloud version. The reason is the monthly cost.

My suggestion is to give opportunity to your clients and cloud version split in to three following catagories.
One: 2-5 users - for small business and only one business.
Two: 6-10 users - for medium business and for multiple business.
Above ten users - As you already have.

If you calculate the cost for above catagories. I am sure, your paid client will be 4 to 5 times more in within few days.

I have no idea whether you will eccept or not.


the charges are mostly for data storage and maintenance of servers.
100 business in total might use 1gb storage use while one business alone might use 2gb storage space. so it will not be possible to categorize based on the number of users in a business.

You could purchase the Cloud version and then offer a paid access to other businesses by setting them up in your cloud version

This would spread the cost amongst the businesses