Price of Cloud Edition

Respected Developer,
I am using desktop edition since about 1 year and i found it very usefull.

I am a operator of small business but have operation from 2-3 branches.
So for that we need to switch to cloud edition.

Yesterday i see price of cloud edition at your website INR 2499/ Month which comes to INR 29988/year
which is Equivalent to Gold edition of Tally in India.

So it becomes very costly to us, although few other software comes yearly costing @ INR 4000/Year which are budget software.

So i request you to kindly review pricing of cloud edition based on some features to make it low-cost. So it will be best for small business operators.

Rajesh Kumar

We also offer annual plans which are 10x monthly price. That will make the price a bit cheaper.

As far as I know, Tally sells software only, they don’t provide hosting service. In other words, when using Tally in server-mode, you need to provide the server, have someone to maintain it, keep it up to date, take backups etc. You don’t have to do any of this with Manager Cloud.

If cloud edition is too expensive for you, it means it doesn’t provide enough value for you to justify the cost. In that case you can continue using desktop edition. It doesn’t really matter that you have multiple business locations. People working at those locations can give you figures at the end of each day which you can then input into Manager. They don’t need to use Manager themselves.

Your are correct and currently our small projects runs over 3-4 different locations, so currently project location send instruction and we make invoice at only one point.

So if you could bifurcate cloud service by cost in few modes below will help us.

  1. Single company - single user (This is which we required, so that all location make invoice at their own place.)

  2. Single company - multi user

  3. multi company - single multi user

  4. Multi company - -Multi user

All editions of Manager are multi-company. You can have as many different businesses as you want. So your modes #1 and #2 do not and will not exist. And #1 is not what you say you need.

As you have described your situation, you want multi-user capability. Each branch would be a different user. So you need to purchase either the server or cloud edition. Since it does not seem you have your own IT staff or equipment to run a server, the cloud edition is your only choice. Once you subscribe to that, it makes no difference how many locations or users you have. You could have one traveling bookkeeper who logs in as the same user from every location. Or you could have 50 people at 50 locations working simultaneously online.

Dear Developer,

Currently which price you asks for the latest released of manager software is not justifiable, as we have still have to create some manual bills due to required standard formates and GST reverse charge as well as GST returns etc.

Although I hope once you developed the manager up to the requirement in India, we could be one of your customer.

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