Report that shows Qty on hand of an item

Sometimes i need a report that displays every change in Qty on Hand of a inventory item within a specific time period

The Report contains:
• Date
• Transaction
• Description
• Qty on hand
• Qty on hand after transcation

To make this report, i go to Inventory Items / Item-Name / Qty on hand of the relevant item. I copy the required data and paste it into excel for making a custom report.

The Problem:
In the latest update, Export Data got changed to Copy to clipboard which copies all data on the current page. That is not helpful in my case as i am want to copy data within a specific time period. (like past 5 days, or 5 June to 5 September.) I request you to bring back Export Data button back please.

Additional Request
I will be very thankful if you add an option to make these reports in manager without having to copy data and going to excel.
If it is possible to make reports like this with Custom Reports, please guide me how. Thank You!

This data section is already available in manager as you can see in the image bellow. But I want it to look like a report (Look better for printing and pdf) And I want to choose the start and end dates.

Have you looked into the Inventory Quantity Summary report in the Reports tab? Define a report for the desired date range. All the movement figures are clickable.

Yes i have checked inventory quantity summary. After clicking a figure it shows details, but in a different format which is not ideal for printing. I want it to look like how every other report looks. (On a white bg with my logo and other details.)
I think there should be an option to make report for single inventory item.

Reports in Manager do not show your logo or other business details. If you are concerned with presentation format, copy the drill-down from the Inventory Quantity Summary and paste into a spreadsheet. Add your logo and adjust format there.

The reality is that Manager cannot provide every single report users might like. So it allows you to copy data for manipulation in other documents or to create custom reports.

Inventory Quantity summary allows me to copy data from purchases and sales seperately. I want them both at same place with an opening balance and closing balance (Just like a statement).

Previously i used to copy this data using export data button in Inventory Items / Item-Name / Quantity on hand.

With export data button, it was possible to copy the only the required data. The new copy to clipboard button copies the whole page.

I request to bring back the export data button with some improvements like exporting data within specific dates.

You can still do exactly the same thing. The label on the button has changed. See In fact, you now have more flexibility. You can control the number of records on a page. And you can search and sort before copying.

But It is not possible to search for data within specific dates. I was just reading an old post about advanced searches in manager (Periodic querying). This is exacly what i need.