Inventory in hand value and quantity custom report

is there is a way to create inventory value & quantity custom report summary?


Why do you want a custom report? There are built-in reports that provide this information.

it is separated reports as i know. quantity and value report each one its separated . I tried all ways to generate report can show value of the quantity that remain in my stock on hand.

Did you try to Edit columns and enable all that you want for example for test business:

If you then click on the Inventory items tab you get the complete list (my test business only has one, but it can show all you create or even filter (search).

At the bottom right of that screen you will see Copy to clipboard. This will then allow you to post the list in for example a spreadsheet such as Excel or Numbers.

You can also copy the two reports you mentioned, paste them into the same spreadsheet, and delete the columns you don’t want.

@eko unfortunately its useful for specific period. its show all inventory only with no option for specified period

@lubos its should there is an option for specified period ( even at summery menu inventory in hand show only transaction with no quantity column )meanwhile for ppl who’s pricing on quantity its very important ( quantity for us its as weight )

@Tut this is what we do actually . but its taking time especially if we had many inventory items. During the sorting process and matching items as code or description, some errors may occur