Periodic querying

In many accounting software like Tally ERP 9, you can also specify a period e.g 1-1-2015 to 31-1-2015 to display transactions withing that period for a specific account. It is mostly useful in Bank and cash accounts, journal tab, sales and purchase invoices and orders as well as the debit and credit notes, payslips and even manufacturing Oders.

The closing balance of the last day before the specified period can appear as bal b/f and the balance after the last day of the specified period as balc/f or maybe you could just show those balances in bracket or red font colour if it negative or positive your choice ( closing and opening balances not applicable to journal entries manufacturing orders, quotes, notes and invoices.)

What this will accomplish is this.

  • Help in Bank reconciliation because you can export or print the month or period you are reconciling. No need to export all the data in that account and sort it, it daunting.
  • You can easily search out a receipts or payment transaction, no need to keep scrolling and scrolling till you find it.
  • Ability to query data with specific dates is a key feature in any database management app.

For now it may be a bit challenging to do this, you might try adding the following:

  1. Bank and Cash accounts (payment and Receipt)
  2. Sales and Purchases invoices
  3. Journal Entries and any other you would like to add under ‘Reports’ where we can use the customise button to display them and I think it will serve the same purpose.

Just add the “from” and “to” and “tracking code” to them just like what we have under Profit and Loss Statement when we view it under Reports tab. And unless I forget, it will be very nice to display them using Dr and Cr columns to make it very easy to work with when exported( Bank and Cash Accounts). Good job so far… Amazing app

There will be advanced search functionality on each table on top of simple search. This will allow more granular filtering, basically what you have in mind.

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That will be great, keep the good work going

I need to see bank transactions only for one financial year. Is this possible, if so how ? Currently when I go to Bank and click then all transactions are displayed irrespective of from and to date in summary settings. Am I doing something wrong ?

You are not doing anything wrong. A bank account is an asset account. Thus, it is continuous. When you click on the account, you see everything that contributes to the present balance. This is standard accounting procedure. If you want to look at only those transactions from, say, 2014, enter “2014” in the search box. You will get those transactions with that year in the date.

Note, however, that if one of your descriptions includes “2014” it will show up regardless of the date. For example, if you paid “2014 journal subscription” in 2013, it will still show.