How to sort the details of what items are purchased?

I have inventory items :

  • AAA
  • BBB
  • CCC

and I Have customers :

  • 111
  • 222
  • 333

how to generate easily the details of what items ar purchased per customer like:
customers 111 purchased >
AAA = 100 pcs
BBB = 120 pcs

Because if we generate from tab customers it only shows the list of invoices not list of items purchased.

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You can create a custom report for this. If I remember well, there was a post about this recently.

I difficult to use custom report, can you help me how to make it?

Well, the forum rules (see FAQ) clearly says you should post the result of your best try and mention why the outcome is not as you expected. Furthermore the help is available on the forum and there’s also a guide so I suggest you read that guide and you search the forum as there are several topics showing examples of custom reports.

@ejjaadiargo start with this custom report and modify it to your needs:

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I tried based on tutorial you shared above. But why it show the blank page only?

As per the FAQ, if you want help with custom reports, you need to post the definition of your best attempt and a screen shot of the results. @Mark already called your attention to this guidance. You ask “why,” but how could anyone know without seeing your report definition?

this is how manager shows the result :

this is what manager showed

I would temporarily add the General Ledger Account/Name to the Select clause and remove the Where clause to see that there are actually any transactions for the period and Inventory-Sales accout for the period

It is better to start with many more transactions than you want and once you are sure that the transaction you want are in the list, eliminate those you do not before doing the sorting and grouping

Thankyou @Joe91, but may I see your set up here?

I haven’t setup a custom report, I am only advising how to go about it systematically - this will be the quickest way to get to the result you want

Can you please show a screenshot on how to set it up? I really need it for my business

Please share a screenshot to set it up

Please read the forum rules FAQ - Manager Forum and posts above referring to the same. Especially read:

If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces. Do not simply post a picture of something you want and ask other users to tell you how to achieve it.

Your report is finding no accounting transaction records. Possible reasons

  • You have entered no accounting transaction for the period you specified
  • Your where clause excludes all your accounting transactions

So try Un-select the where clause in you custom report to see what is in the time period of your custom report