Report balance is corrupt

Dear support team,

My manager data appears to be corrupt.
The ‘Balance sheet’ report only shows all taxes already paid over the past 6 years. When I click through to the list of the total amount, all items of purchased and sold goods are no longer included in the sum.
When I open a previous backup (one year old) there is no error.

What could be going on?

I don’t know in which country you are living, but maybe you should import the localization file for your country.

@EricM, can you please clarify? What do you mean when you write that the balance sheet only shows taxes already paid? A balance sheet does not show taxes paid. With respect to taxes, it shows the current liability. And what do you mean that nothing else appears? Do you mean that no other accounts are present? You need to illustrate your situation with screen shots.

Hello Tut,

In the balance sheet under the heading ‘liabilities’ there is a line called taxes (in Ducht BTW) to be paid.
When I click on the amount behind the heading VAT to be paid, an underlying list usually appears with a column VAT percentage, debit, credit and balance
In the corrupted file only debit, credit and balance are shown. The VAT percentage column is gone. Also all items except the VAT already paid are no longer in the total list.

Hallo Hennie,

Ik ben Nederlands. De localization file, dat is het file dat de concept BTW aangifte sheet toont?

Dat klopt.
Als je die geladen hebt, dan heb je alle codes die je nodig hebt voor het administreren van Nederlandse BTW. Deze codes worden ook getoond op de Concept BTW aangifte.
Let op dat in de localization file de meeste (belangrijke codes) gekoppeld zijn aan een grootboekrekening Tax Payables.
Deze verschijnt nu ook in je balans.



PS For other forum members, I answered in Dutch because it is purely a Dutch VAT related problem he encountered.


That’s right
After importing the localization file, you have all VAT codes for registring the Dutch VAT. The codes are all shown on the Tax Return From.
Be aware that the most important VAT codes do have a predefined GL liability account called Tax Payables. This accountcode shows up in your balancesheet.

Dag Hennie,

Dank voor jouw antwoord maar dit is niet het probleem. Dit formulier heb ik al jaren aan staan en ook nu nog.
Het lijkt meer een softwarematig probleem. Wanneer ik een oude back up open wordt het totaal aan BTW in de balans sheet wel goed weergegeven.


Please…one quick reply in Dutch was fine. For the benefit of other forum members, please at least include a translation to English.

@EricM, if you just updated Manager, check your date preferences. They may need to be reset after the setting was moved to the Date & Number Format page of the Settings tab.

Hello Eric,

English is the standard language on this forum so please follow this forum rule.
When you send me a backup of Manager, I could have a look at it and see if I can reproduce your problem or that it has something to do with your settings. When you want me to be of personal help, send me a private message.

Kind regards


Hello Tut, the dates settings are the same as in the old data backup, so this can’t be the problem

Hello Hennie,

Thank you for your gesture, is this a private message or not?

In which way can I sent you the Manager backup?

Kind regards,


A private message doesn’t help other forum members.

Maybe you could indicate Manager’s version number and edition, and the OS you are running it on. Further on, as Tut already suggested, placing screenshots of the different screens and marking the problem makes it a lot easier for others to understand and to help you.

Eric has sent me his backup. As I already suspected, after importing the localization file, he did not complete some of the VAT codes. For some of these codes, you have to link them with the tax liability account. If omitted, Manager doesn’t know what to do with entered VAT amounts and that causes a difference in the balance. His problem is now solved.

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