Winst en Verliesrekening foutief na update

Vandaag nieuwe versie gedownload. Na installatie geeft de Verlies en Winstrekening in de samenvatting een foutief saldo. Ook na het aanpassen van de periode geeft de Verlies en Winstrekening een foutief saldo. Iemand enig idee?

Sorry, but you need to converse in English.
But if I read your Dutch correctly - you have downloaded a new version and now the profit & loss has an incorrect balance in the summary.

You will need to explain why or where you think this is occurring - possibly with screenshots.

I’m Dutch and I understood your question,
What you are saying is: I downloaded the latest version and after installing, the summary in the P&L report shows the wrong balance, even after amending the reporting period. Anybody any idea?
What do you mean by “summary in the P&L report”. Why do you think it is wrong. I installed the latest version (16.12.40) as well and everything is okay.
Please post a screenshot.

Are you using accrual or cash basis accounting?

Sorry for not using English. It seems that the P&F report only shows the total turnover for just one of my customers. I have uploaded a screenshot of the P&L summary, as wel as a screenshot of the total turnover.
Any suggestions what i am doing wrong?

I see several things:

  1. All the sales invoices you show are paid in full. Apparently there are one or more totalling €6,955.95 that do not show. But the balance of the Sales Invoices tab matches Accounts receivable. After the invoices have been paid, the Accounts receivable balance should be reduced accordingly. When all are paid, it will be zero. So, based on what you have shown, nothing is wrong.

  2. You have 178 Billable Time entries, but no Billable time account. When I switch language to Dutch, this phrase does not translate, but appears in English. This is an automatic account enabled when the tab is enabled, so you must have deleted it somehow. But you should not be able to do that, because you have entries. Did you recategorize it as an expense, which does not show?

  3. Your button labels in Dutch differ from what I see when switching to Dutch. What version are you using?

Hi Tut,
it seems all my invoices are billed into my suspense account, in stead of in my billable time - invoiced account. It never did this, only until after i installed a newer version recently.

Each time i make a sales invoice, i get the following screen:

Because i use predefined items, i choose an item. After i i have chosen, the account is automatically changed to suspense instead of billable time - invoiced, and cant be changed back. See the following screen:

Now i am using version

For your predefined items - they need to be allocated to an account.
If you go to the setup for those predefined items - select an account which will then replace the Suspense account.

@Patrick2468, your confusion over Suspense has been addressed by @Brucanna. But your problem comes from the fact that your “predefined items,” which are non-inventory items, cannot be set up to post to Billable time or Billable time - invoiced. Non-inventory items can be left unpriced or may have a fixed price, but cannot be linked into the Billable Time module.

The purpose of non-inventory items is to streamline common entries. So if a trainer is invoiced at 1,250 per day, you can set up a non-inventory item for this, as you apparently have. But you will need to allocate that non-inventory item to some other income account. As an example if you sometimes bill by the hour and sometimes by the day or job, you could rename Billable time - invoiced as Service sales - hourly. Then create a new income account with a name like Service sales - fixed rate. Only hourly billings entered as billable time will show up in the first. Fixed rate billings will be posted to the second, which is the one you would select for non-inventory items, as @Brucanna mentioned.

If you always bill a fixed amount for a service, no matter how many hours or minutes it takes, you should not use Billable time at all. Then, you can use some other income account exclusively. You must understand that Billable time - invoiced is a hard-coded account that can only be accessed through the Customers tab by invoicing time entries previously entered under the Billable Time tab.