Report Aged Receivable display wrong currency translation

My Base currency is in USD…
I have Sales Invoice in IDR amount is Rp 80,240,000.00 it supposed to be displayed in the Aged Receivable report is US$ 5,710.22.
But in Age Receivable report displayed US$ 80,240,000.00.

Is this a bug? or any setting that i missed?

The Aged Receivables report is divided by currency. If this sales invoice shows up in USD, the customer is probably denominated in USD. Show a screen shot of the sales invoice’s Edit screen.


When i click detail on IDR in Aged Receivable Report the currency USD it supposed to be IDR

Tiny snippets like this are not useful. You need to show enough of the screen to include column headings, tab indicator, and so forth. Otherwise, we don’t know what we are looking at. I also asked to see the Edit screen of the sales invoice involved.

You have also provided contradictory information, saying that the transaction was supposed to be displayed in both IDR and USD. So you need to provide a complete and consistent description of what you are seeing (along with screen shots) and why you think it is wrong.

If you click on the Sales Invoices tab it displays this

However if you click on the Accounts Receivable report balance it now shows IDR as USD

@Brucanna Yes… Sometimes it make confuse because in Sales Invoice it display in IDR and in Account Receivable Report display in USD…

Fixed in the latest version (19.6.56)