Sale Invoices Showing Different currency

I recorded an IQD Sales Invoice for a customer with total value of 150,000 IQD

in the Cost of Goods Sold there is only USD therefore i put $90, but when i view the invoice it shows Total $150,000 which i put as 150,000 IQD.

It should not be $150,000.

please help to fix this.

What is your base currency?

My base currency is USD

What currency is the Customer setup to use?

Also what edition (Cloud, Server or Desktop) and version of Manager are you using?
What OS (Windows, Mac, Unix) are you using?

This appears to be a bug - if you select Manual for the Cost of Sales, it allows you to enter the cost of sale, in your base currency, obviously but then treats the invoice as if it is in your base currency

but if you select manual

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Yes, exactly.
It seems like a bug and Iā€™m using it on cloud. @Tut your assistance is appreciated

Sorry, but I cannot invest the time to simulate and explore this. I do not have a suitable test business.

I can confirm that the Desktop edition on Windows PC incorrectly labels the Sales Invoice for a customer using a foreign currency into your base currency if you select manual entry of cost of sales on a sales invoice line

I can confirm that.

I have moved this topic to bugs on the basis of @Joe91ā€™s and @Mabaegaā€™s replications of the issue.

Fixed in the latest version (24.4.2)

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