Accounts receivable in foreign currency bug

We use the cloud version and now we noticed that the receipts in foreign currency are added to the balance of the costumer instead of being deducted from the balance.

We enter the foreign currency amount and the equal to it in the base currency and we did that for years without any problem.

Now it seems there is a bug that made all the costumer accounts a mess.

In the example as you can see the balance should be 0 while it is 30

Thanks for quick reply

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The receipt you have shown (LBP 138000 / USD 15) shows correctly as a receipt in your accounts receivable

You have not shown the edit screen of the other “receipt” so it is not possible to say what, if anything, is wrong

I disagree it should be -$15.00

Why did you not select the customer in the Paid by field?

Can you show the FULL edit edit screen of the receipt, please

This is the same problem as in All sales invoices marked overdue w/ double amount (Paid Cloud Edition) - #5 by whereskarlo We face the same issue. It is some type of bug.

This was a bug. It’s fixed in the latest version (

You can go to then login and click Restart Cloud Server to force the upgrade.

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Is this the same / related issue to having uninvoiced amounts in the local currency while the invoiced amount in another currency? Here, everything uninvoiced should be in EUR. Running on version


Same for billable time:

@novica, you are behind with your version and the bug has just been recently fixed

So please update and see if it’s fixed for you

Hey @Ealfardan I don’t want to go through an update if this is not the same bug. This is why I am asking for clarification.

Unfortunately, I cannot test the bug in a version older than what I am using so I can’t really answer your question

Sure. No problem.
I was hoping that @lubos will respond.

I don’t think that Lubos can answer this question for you as well, if it’s a different bug that’s not fixed yet this means that it is still unreported.

Your best bet is to test your data on the latest version on another computer – this will save you the hassle of having to rollback

Thanks for trying to help @Ealfardan
Unfortunately, I cannot just update like that. I have to schedule time for the sys admin to do it, and I’d rather know where I stand. I can probably roll back to the previous version that I already have without much hassle.

OK. I can confirm that this issue is present on

I created a test business and here is it how it looks:



@novica I see what you mean. The figure is still in foreign currency even though it’s presented as if it’s in base currency. Anyway, this has been fixed in the latest version (

OK. Just downloaded .921. It is fixed in the suppliers screen. Not fixed in the billable time and summary screen.

Edit: I can send you my test business if that helps.

Thanks, that would be good.