Accounts receivable discrepancy, USD vs AUD

Hi, I am trying to track down why Accounts Receivable on my balance sheet shows $17.35 even though all billable expenses are marked “invoiced”, and all invoices are marked “paid in full”.

I use a base currency of AUD and the issue concerns a customer whose currency is USD. I create invoices in USD but the money comes into my account as AUD. I am not too precise about setting the actual exchange rate - when processing a Receipt I always use the “USD” box to match the original invoice amount and let “foreign exchange gains (losses)” pick up the slack.

When I go to Customers -> CustomerName -> Accounts Receivable, there is no outstanding balance. The right-most balance column is in USD. Every Receipt matches every Invoice exactly and the balance always goes back to zero.


But if I go Summary -> Accounts Receivable, that same customer is shown with a balance of AUD $17.35.


If I click on that figure, I get a table all in AUD. The balance between invoices has not been zero for a very long time, and tends to wander around “$10-120 Dr”.

I have a theory that billable expenses could be part of the problem - sometimes I will buy something in AUD, configure Manager’s exchange rate for the day I purchased it, then post it as a billable expense for that customer. Then it goes through the invoice process described above.

Does anyone know how I can make the two different receivable balances line up at 0? As far as I am concerned, everything is currently paid.

What version are you using? The latest version contains completely rewritten general ledger engine which has addressed all foreign currency bugs I was aware of.

Aha I was on 20.2.88. I’ve now upgraded to 20.8.26. Everything has changed and both methods are summing to zero nicely.

A new 54 cent expense discrepancy has popped up but I’m going to assume that’s my fault for the moment.