Aged Receivable Report Bug

I have discovered a possible bug in the Aged Receivable Report. Check the screenshots:

  1. On the column of “61-91 days overdue” - the amount is missing where supposed to be an overdue invoice between these days.

  1. By clicking on the amount of the “90+ days overdue” - I discovered the overdue between 61-90 days is included in the 90+ day overdue

Continue with the bug finding:

  1. the following Aged Receivable Report that have an invoice that fall on the “61-90 days overdue”

  1. by clicking on the amount - the invoice is actually 59 days overdue. It is not supposed to be on the 61-90 days

I suspect there are more placement bugs within the Aged Receivable Report.

It think what’s happening is that your Aged receivable is set to be calculated as at 09/01/2016 (in future) but when you click on amounts on the report, you will get transactions as of today.

So the report calculation is correct, it’s just that when you click on the figures, you will see transactions as of today (rather than as of the day of the original report)