Reordering line items on invoices/orders/quotes

Is it possible to add the option to sort the item list in invoice or purchase order?

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Do you mean ability to reorder individual line items on invoice/order forms?

Yes, manual or automatic, either one would be great. Thanks

I was thinking to implement this because I’ve seen it in other accounting packages but why is this useful? I’m not patronizing, just trying to understand use cases so see whether it’s something really important or not.

Just for ease of use, not really a must to have.

Perhaps it’d be easier to implement to have the items sorted in view mode or after the data has been saved, not during the data entry.

Or you can add shifting ability to the items… so we can drag them in some sort of order specially in the quotation not only in the Invoice… Customers love to see a nice and clean order of the items of the quotation or invoice.

This is now available in the latest version (14.4.50). It works across all screens such as invoices, quotes, orders, journal entries, receipts, payments, expense claims etc.

Thank You…