Edit invoice template


I like the program looks great.
However I wonder is it posslble to chance the invoice template layout

it shows now:
Description | Qte | Unit price | amount

If possible I would like
Description | Qte | type | unit prijs | amount | % vat

Also if possble in invoice item a selection to choose bij type for hourly rate, piece, box, bottle etc.

For me it will complete the invoice.


I’m currently working on all features I’ve promised for this month. To show % VAT-like column on invoice is on my list for this month so that is imminent. Quantity type column is actually quite good idea but it won’t be done this month. Maybe in January.


Sounds cool!
Thanks …


The latest version (13.12.7) now shows “tax” column on invoice line items.


Thanks … looks great!


Hi! I love the software but need to point out a few things. Why do I have to manually input the invoice numbers while trying to reconcile some accounts?

I think it would be a good idea if there could be a space for the signature of the service provider or seller as the case may be. It could be added just the same way the logo is automatically added once it has been loaded.



Hi there,
Wondering if in inventory line "type"can be added.
Being able to choose: box, hour, bottle etc. I work a lot with various types of packing and also hourly rate.


This has been suggested number of times and it’s coming soon. For now, enter the information into description field.