Viewing Item price while choosing it in invoice

Dear Sir,
Kindly advise if there is any future ability to show the item price while choosing it in the same line
Thank you!

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Not sure if I understand why this is useful. A customer would order Explorer 60 CM, when you select it and if you had pre-defined a price like 3.60 it would show on the line and you can change that if you want.

Client stay in the front of employee choosing products and ask about price, employee has to choose the product and then tell the client, after that client say no i will take something else, then employee delete the product and search for the next one

but if the price appear automatically, employee will just search and reply without choosing the product in a line, if client said no, then employee will just search another

it saves time and many clicks

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Why do you not have a printed price list for customers to select from or an electronic display. There are not that many clicks either as it is only one click to select another item.

would be a headache for clients

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As mentioned it is only one click, i.e. select a new item.

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2 Clicks and 5 to 9 typing letters/numbers + description change + Quantity + Price
with Clone line will be just change the description change + Quantity + Price or only price

Yes as long as you name each item the same. As mentioned each item should be unique. The it is only one click.

If we make each item from these small accessories as a unique one, Inventory items will be like 100,000 items for only one category (accessories)

This topic is not about cloning (is your other topic) but about showing price in the item selection list.

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You could open a new window and display the inventory items there

I am not sure that manager is a suitable accounting system if you have that many products for sale

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Agree with you, but it wouldn’t help for faster processing way, in this case employee will move between 2 screens/windows all the time, it would even take more time than what we have now

it is working perfectly so far, and all employees find it easier than many other programs, so no hope to change it here.

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They could display the two windows on the screen at the same time, so it would only involve moving the curser to another window

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agree with you, but will take more effort than what i’m asking for
and the price as i think is same like item code so instead of showing code and name in the line while choosing the item, price will be added to it and it is fixed number not something needs calculations like inventory balance
it is just reading more column with no calculations

I think @Joe91’s solution is the best but I still have a few remarks on the OP.

  1. The 5-9 clicks of typing letters/numbers is double counted. Even if the employee uses the drop-down as a query, these 5-9 clicks will not be saved.

  2. As far as the description goes, there’s already a process to automate this which is to set the description once in the inventory item itself.

  3. Even if #2 not possible, you can simply search in a new blank line. This way you will not have to redo anything.

If we’re to be realistic, if Manager was slow – which it isn’t, then we are looking at the wrong way to speed things up.

Adding little tweaks here and there to speed up a specific workflow of a single user adds no value to the software ad a whole, but if we keep going that way, overheads will quickly accumulate and Manager will eventually slow down. A wise saying goes like this:

If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

But there are other solutions to speed up work, like:

  • Make your prices public
  • Use barcode scanners
  • Use a POS
  • Train staff better to know how to use Manager more efficiently and effectively – obviously they aren’t :wink:

Personally, I do not find a couple of clicks here and there a problem. If anything, if I ever felt like the number of clicks made is a burden on my own business I would seriously reconsider my whole setup. I’m not trying to offend anyone or force my views and so please feel free to disagree and pick my arguments apart.

But I’m but one user, so I’m curious to see if other users find that to be a problem?

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I concur with @Ealfardan, the solution that is being sort here can be solved by a POS system used with scanning devices.


In any other country, I would agree with you and apply this without asking
In Romania and especially in the North (Moldova region) things are completely different.
And this request is an easy addition as I believe and won’t hurt anyone
I didn’t say anything about the speed, please note that I request only what is suitable for our business from a Practical point of view, not a theoretical one.
A Programmer’s opinion would solve this in one second, will this request affect on Manager’s performance or not?
This flower business is dealing B2B, B2B2C, B2C all at the same time, same day, same products, same employees, it is not like your companies work while you are sitting at your office getting the order by email and having time to call the client …etc, it is like Stockmarket like the following picture, and please don’t tell me to change Manager program

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That’s a very handy piece of information that you missed to point out.

Anyway, Manager currently lacks the capability for quick entry by floor staff (POS for short) and there is no intention for the developer to do that anytime soon. That is a fact.

I admit that I have zero experience in the flower business or with Romania but I can’t help but to see the similarities with our fish wholesale market. The workflows seems to be very similar.

Now I am not suggesting you change programs since I don’t recommend selecting a full accounting package just for its POS but maybe you should consider the following:

  1. Tagging of physical skus and including prices. This is the least techy solution but it works.

  2. Use QR codes that link to the inventory item’s view screen in Manager. This way you don’t have to change your tags daily to reflect new prices and your floor staff can walk around with customers using tablets instead of sitting in the corner with a PC unit.

  3. Use a separate POS system and import the daily summary, import transactions into manager or integrate the two systems. Depending on whether you enter a summary, import transactions or integrate, this usually requires the most IT investment.

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Already tried all of this 3 weeks ago and it was a big loss of time and money because the time they spent in putting Codes on each product costed us a hell of money, and using Manager on tablet was taking more time than using it on PC, we even put a big TV screen for price list, but we ended up using it for music only because clients are lazy to look and seach, thats why im telling you it is completly different here
but I agree with you that it is almost same like fish business

Profit margin in flowers business for wholesale is something like 2% to 3% the real profit comes from the quantity not the single product profit
so dealing all the time with big quantities makes it dificult and very costy to follow this solutions again
flowers come from different suppliers and we asked them to put codes on each but thier reply was like ((Are you kidding?)) can you do the same with each fish?
hope now you understand the complication of this type of business