Easier way to enter inventory line items on invoices or quotes

In Sales quotes/orders/invoices - sale of inventory is at top of menu. However in Purchase Orders/Invoices inventory on hand is at bottom of menu. People who have the inventory tab enabled are most likely to be using the inventory account 95% of the time. Could you put the inventory on hand at the top of the menu in Purchase Orders/Invoices.

Secondly, would it be possible to change the add 5 lines or add 10 lines to allow one to add 10 lines and set the account for sales of inventory for example. I find most of the time my purchases and my sales I am using the same accounts on that particular quote/order/invoice so it would be great to say add 5 lines using sales of inventory account in my business accounts or add 5 lines for Groceries in my personal accounts. I hope that makes sense. Thank you.

Forgot to ask, It would be brilliant to be able to clone inventory items as most of the information is the same and I just need to change prices and model name and cpu specs most of the time. So clone inventory item would be brilliant thank you. :grinning:


I know what you mean but I might have even better solution.

I will need to make inventory items “viewable” as that’s the workflow to clone across the system.

Anyway, I didn’t mention this on roadmap but I’m planning big improvements to inventory right after I implement warehousing module.

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Thank you. I am looking forward to the future updates. Your hard work is much appreciated. :smile: