Renaming the receipts field on invoices

Sorry if this has been asked before, I have tried searching the topics and can’t find anything.

I want to change the field on the invoice that says “Less: Receipt #” to something else. Maybe “Less Payment” I never use receipt numbers but sometimes in that field will enter how it was paid, such as PayPal or Osko etc.

I have looked through the theme and I can’t work out where to make the change.

I understand that this is not for coding so maybe if the moderators etc. can ignore it and see if another user is happy to help me.

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I have the same problem…

@CoastalHobbies, accounting is always presented from the perspective of the entity keeping the records. You issue a sales invoice. The customer records it as a purchase invoice. The customer makes a payment. You record a receipt. Labeling a receipt as a payment would be potentially confusing to an experienced customer, as you paid nothing.

But, if you insist, the content of the mini-statement at the bottom of a sales invoice is contained within the table.totals array evoked in the theme. Changing any content there requires using a substitution filter within the totals loop.

I’ll be happy to just have the # symbol removed

Big or small, the same steps are involved in any change.