Sales invoice less receipts

I want to remove “Less receipts” option from my invoice as well as “Paid in Full” option.
Moreover, i want to reflect total outstanding balances of the customers on my invoice.
Would appreciate your assistance in this regard,
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This can be done with a custom theme incorporating a considerable amount of conditional logic suppressing certain content of the table.totals array. This logic would be unique to transaction type and need to cover all possibilities.

There is a Guide telling how to do this: Or simply choose an available theme that does not include the stamps.

The only way to do this is with a custom field. Search the forum. The subject has been discussed many times. If you want to present a customer’s total outstanding balance, use a customer statement.

There might be a simpler solution and that is to insert this line:
{% if total.label == "Total" %}{% break %}{% endif %}

into here:

        {% for total in table.totals %}
            <td class="text-end" colspan="{{ table.columns | size | minus:1 }}" style="padding: 5px 10px{% if total.emphasis == true %}; font-weight: bold{% endif %}">{{ total.label }}</td>
            <td class="border-start border-end text-right" style="white-space: nowrap; border-bottom-width: 1px; padding: 5px 10px{% if total.emphasis == true %}; font-weight: bold{% endif %}">{{ total.text }}</td>
        {% if total.label == "Total" %}{% break %}{% endif %}
        {% endfor %}

This should do the trick in English.


Many thanks. It worked. Much appreciated.

hi @Ealfardan , do you have by chance a solution for other languages than english ?

Simply change "Total" to the translated word in the other language.

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hi @mark, does works ok. thank you

I was searching for how to replace ‘Receipts’ in Less: Receipts with the payment method when I stumbled on this. I want the customers to know not only that they paid but how they paid: Through POS, Cash, Transfer to …Bank. Also for internal records and reconciliation, as the person that reconciles have no access to the sofware but need to know how much cash, for instance, from the receipts. So my question is: How can the invoice replace Receipts with what I put as description or the name of the cash/bank account? Thanks ahead.

There is no way to do what you ask, @Abanye.

I believe it is unrealistic to expect someone to reconcile anything in a computerized accounting system without access to the software.

Maybe the term ‘reconcile’ is not appropriate. There is a cashier that the sales staff remits their collections from customers to. To the same cashier the warehouse submits receipts of the sales staff. The cashier calculates the amount of cash, POS receipts, … received from a sales person and match against the expected as per the receipts received from the warehouses. Among other things the cashier check to see that cash was not converted to personal POS, for instance. The receipts bearing the method of payment from the customers would enhance this.

Your description does not change my belief. You are maintaining parallel systems, creating extra work and more possibilities for errors.

I think the system is a distraction as that is not the issue. The system from our stand point is good. It is that I need the invoice to display the kind of receipt rather than generic: Less- Receipts; Less - Receipts. I am looking to have Less Cash, Less POS, etc. How do I achieve this is the problem.

Manager does not and cannot do this,

You could maybe use a custom field

I disagree. I think that is exactly the issue. I do not think you can expect Manager’s developer to expend resources supporting manual processes when the product is intended to function on computers. That has not happened historically and is not likely to in the future.

Manager already contains features that allow you to know exactly how much is in a cash account and how it got there. You just need to use them.

I have not placed demand for a feature. I only ask to see if what I need is available or how to get it. Manager, or any other accounting software, is not an accounting system but a part of it, so it will not be correct to expect all processes to be forced into manager. If there is any one who has any solution, kindly help.

There’s no way to achieve that at the moment. Not even with a custom theme or an extension.

But just out of curiosity, I assume you know that you can copy the receipt reference and search for it in the receipt tab in another browser window. Isn’t that good enough?