Sales invoice's Receipt Details


May I ask if I can edit the Cash receipts details on Sales invoice?

The default shows “Less: Receipt - 4 - 10/06/2020” and i want to change it to “Less: Receipt - 4 - (payment description) - (Date)”

is it possible?

You cannot do that, because a payment description is not exposed for sales invoices, so it cannot be displayed by a custom theme. (I think you really meant receipt description, but the answer would be the same.)

Themes only control the appearance of data already present for a transaction. They cannot call other data.


how about the Invoice date, Due date, Invoice number?

Can i change the name to Engagement date, Estimate of completion, Reference Number?

You can change all those on a custom theme with conditional logic in the {% for field in fields %} loop, because all that information is used in the themes.

However, you need to understand that each of those elements has a use in the program. Due date, for example, has functional purposes that have nothing to do with an estimate of completion. If you want to include something like estimate of completion, you should use a custom field.