Changing type "invoice" to "receipt"

i need your help, im trying to add a new receipt that i wanna send to a customer i go to payments and sales and i check the invoice, when i go to preview is says on the top and left “INVOICE” how can i change that to receipt? thank you very much

View the invoice from the “Sales Invoices” page, then click on “New Receipt.”

The resulting document (once you’ve entered received payment) will have the word “Receipt” as its title.

err… did he read the guide at least once?

It is important to understand you cannot just change an invoice to a receipt. Those are two different accounting transactions.

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can i change the word “receipt” because i use the document in greek!

Manager is fully translated to Greek, also.
Change the language, under Preferences, to Greek. Then you will have the documents in Greek.

yeah i know but i wanna replace the greek word for receipt to another. can i do that??

By using custom modified theme…

can you help me with this?

Sorry, I’m not a coder :frowning:

do you know if i can find something online?

Yes, here:

An invoice and a receipt are two completely different accounting documents and you should not replace one by the other.

An invoice recognises a sale to a customer and a receipt acknowledges the payment

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

It sounds like @than96 just wants to change the title. We do this for our clients that are on auto-pay because we cannot have recurring receipts and we are not going to manually enter a receipt detailing their monthly service every month. Plus when a card fails, we simply change the theme back to “Invoice” and now we can send it. We just have two themes one says AutoPay Receipt and one says invoice, we manually post auto-pay payments on the first of the month.

Check the custom title box then you can enter whatever title you desire.

Read the Guide about changing the title of a form.