Renaming a business file

a very minor problem: part of my debugging process is making sure I give any imported database a new name since the default naming scheme is a little untidy. Currently I name the backup with a pertinent name to the backup, however when I import it, I like to know that I am now working from the import and not from the backup name I gave it.

For some time now (I’m not sure when it started) and still in 10.9.42 on OSX, clicking on “rename” when in the renaming section and clicking “update” does not rename the business

seems to be the business name is now locked to the filename. Renaming the physical file, renames the business in the business selection list*, but still unable to rename it in the designated ‘rename’ field.

Tested in 20943 on OSX

* this is good enough for me

The Businesses tab just shows list of *.manager files in your folder so renaming it directly is the same as renaming it within the program (it will do the same thing).

If renaming fails, currently I do not show the error message why the file could not be renamed. That’s something to improve.

I cannot reproduce this under macOS 10.15.6. Following the process in the Guide renames an imported business being worked on as displayed on screen. It also renames the file in the application data folder. The reverse is also true: renaming a file in the application data folder renames the business as displayed on screen.

The same is true when opening a standalone business file (one not in the application data folder). The file is renamed at whatever location it was opened from.

I am not sure what you mean by this. You are never working from a backup name. You are working in a file, regardless of its name or whether that name has been changed. So if you import a business and open it, you are working in the imported business file. Changing the name of the file does not change anything in the file, including the business name set under Business Details (the trading name that appears on transactions).

Yes, as described in the Guide. Note the explanation there that, if you do not enter a trading name in the Settings tab, Manager will use the file name as the trading name. Is it possible that explains whatever you are experiencing?

Not sure why then, but it’s the same on my server box, manager can’t rename the physical file. Interesting.

Since manager now preserves the actual business file name, it’s not an issue, I can name it appropriately prior to import, or rename it when I copy it to the new location.

edit: no, not talking about trading name, just the file name

This sounds like a potential permissions issue.

@d3mad I’ve been having the same issue and wondering why the files were not renamed running ManagerServer in my wsl2 Ubuntu environment. I even did a chmod 777 to eliminate permissions.

Interestingly it was still able to create and delete business files, it just failed when I tried to rename them via the program.

So it turns out the reason it was not working was because I was using a relative path (./Data) when starting the server. When I changed it to the full path (/home/markll/Tmp/Data) magically the business files are now able to be renamed.

Are you using a relative Data path to start Manager?