Remove paid in full & adjust payments to specific bills

i want to know if there is way to adjust payment to specific bills and not automatic. also if it is possible to remove paid in full & balance due as the payment adjusted automatically is for other bills and the bill i want to print is still not paid for.

In Manager you have two choices in processing received payments

  1. Automatic - allocate the account as Customer Credits - Customer and Manager will automatically pay the oldest invoice, then the next oldest invoice etc
  2. Non Automatic - allocate the account as Accounts Payable - Invoice Number, where you can select individual invoices to be paid.
    The Paid in Full & Balance Due stamp can’t be removed from standard documents.
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Thanks so much for the fast reply. Can you please tell me where I can access the manual method and if I can undo the already allocated bills in the automatic allocation.


You access the manual and automatic method in exactly the same place - Receive Money, its just the choice of account that changes. For Manual - use Accounts Receivable and select Invoice, for Automatic - use Customer Credits and select Customer



To undo - working backwards (June then May) start deleting the processed receipts, noting their details - dates, amounts you go. Once you have gone back as far as required, then start re-entering them going forward (May then June)

One suggestion - if you have to change a number of Customers - do one Customer at a time and print off a Customer Statement - Transaction for a period larger then required first so you can confirm balances

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Hi thanks again so sorry to ask more !!!.
if I get a payment for 5 bills in one go and want to adjust it for the respective bills then how would I go thro that as bank statement will have only one input for x amount .
In the manual way when I can adjust the individual payments the bank has multiple entries unlike the actual bank statement.
Also I have made the service tax as 3 components 1. service tax @ 14% 2. CB Cess at .5% and 3. KV Cess @.5%. The report gives me only the total service tax ie 15% is there any way I can get the breakups of the same.

No, you have multiple entry from the one input x amount.
From the imported bank statement entry select edit and for the account select Accounts Receivable then the 1st Invoice which is to be paid, then add a line and select Accounts Receivable and the 2nd Invoice to be paid etc. etc.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Can you provide an example/illustration.

I don’t have direct knowledge of these taxes. Are these a contra tax like GST/VAT or are they standalone - payable only. If standalone and you want to track them, then you could make them individual line items to individual liability accounts.

@sanjaykz, this is unavoidable and very common. Double-entry accounting entries often balance different numbers of debits and credits against one another. The only requirement is that the totals match. In your case, what you should expect to match the actual bank statement is the debit to the bank account. The credits to various Accounts receivable invoices do not need to match, nor would an auditor expect them to match.

You cannot get this yet. It is the next major development on the Roadmap. See Roadmap.

When the upcoming changes are made do we have to download the manager again & install it ?

Yes, unless you are using the cloud edition, which is always up to date. Watch this forum for announcements of new features and update when something you like is released. Manager is updated very frequently, sometimes several times per day, but most new versions only fix bugs or make improvements the user does not see.

Hi another query
I sell to a customer 3 to 4 times a week a certain product/s and I make an invoice for each days sale … is there any way to make a single invoice with multiple dates in the same invoice so that I can print the same as one bill per month or is there a certain way to print a customer bill detailing multiple invoices with all the items in each invoice bill wise for a certain period ? Now I am printing single invoices I would like to print not a customer statement but 1 customer statement giving all the breakups of the various invoices monthly

also is there any way to add

For company name

Authorised Signatory

in every bill automatically rather than me filling it up in every bill in the note area

and if i was to install the new version of manager does it take the old data automatically or do I have to back up & restore it

The new version calls the old data file. Nothing is lost. Of course, you should always back up before an update just in case something goes wrong.

I’m not sure I understand you question(s). You can create a signature box using custom fields. Search this forum for the procedure.

Yes. Just enter the dates of individual line items in their descriptions. But you cannot enter sales transactions and later bundle them into a single invoice. To get your desired, detailed breakdown, you will have to print individual sales invoices. But you could collect them and send them with a Customer Statement to summarize them all.