Remove overdue and paid in full from invoices

Is there any way to remove overdue and paid in full from invoices?

Why do you want to remove it?

I think “filter” may be what is meant to reduce number of pages presented…

Because I want to sent the invoice with zero amount owing but not the ‘paid in full’ stamp

The Paid in Full stamp is an automatic feature of the standard Manager sales invoice. If you want an invoice without those features, create a new View Template under settings. But be aware that other features will disappear, too.

I’m curious, however. Why would you want to send an invoice if nothing is owed?

As proof its paid.
Another option is to print the receipt, however when a receipt is linked to an invoice how do I print it.

Invoices should be used for credit sales only. For cash sales (seems like what you are doing), you can just record the received money under Cash Accounts tab or Bank Accounts tab and then print that transaction (receipt) for customer.

If your purpose is to show the invoice is paid, what is wrong with the Paid in Full stamp?

A sales invoice that is Paid in Full also shows Balance Due of 0.00.

@CFRAN The ability to show the status of an invoice as a stamp as paid in full is one feature I love much. Please never take it off

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i want to know if there is way to adjust payment to specific bills and not automatic. also if it is possible to remove paid in full & balance due as the payment adjusted automatically is for other bills and the bill i want to print is still not paid for.

With Manager you have two choices on how to process payments

  1. Automatic - the account allocation is Customer Credits - Customer and Manager pays the oldest invoice first and then the next oldest invoice etc.

  2. Non Automatic - the account allocation is Accounts Payable - Invoice Number where you select the individual invoices you want paid

I don’t think the Paid in Full & Balance Due stamps can be removed.

Hi Brucanna

Sorry but can you please help me.

  1. Non Automatic - the account allocation is Accounts Payable - Invoice Number where you select the individual invoices you want paid

I did this number 2 step but it still automaticly took my oldest outstanding invoice and made that invoice as Paid in Full (which is not paid yet) and the invoice that is paid shows an outstanding balance due?

Selecting the invoice “should” work. Were you working with an existing Receive Money ?
Did you delete the transaction first or just re-allocated the account allocation via edit ?

Delete the Receipt Money transaction and make sure both invoices are shown as unpaid, then re-enter the Receive Money. Am assuming that both Invoices have different Invoice numbers.

Sometimes you want to invoice old orders because there was a hold up but you want to use the old date which should not show as overdue because you just recently did the job. Is it possible to revert to old versions before the due date was printed on the invoices. It was user friendly for delayed jobs that need invoicing.

Sales invoices should not be raised if the customer doesn’t owe the money. So there should never be a reason for an old issue date. If you fail to send invoices, you’ve admitted that the due date was not until at least the day you sent it. So just enter a later due date.

No, you cannot revert to older versions unless you personally kept the download file. And then, you could not open your business data file if it has been opened by a later version, because version changes often restructure the data base.