Remittance Advice - Details

The present format of Remittance advice is fine, but needs a little fine tuning.
Currently the details shown in the report are “Invoice Date” & “Reference”. This is perfect when the payment is released from our side against a Purchase Invoice from the Supplier.
However, when we make an Advance Payment for a Purchase Order released by us, these 2 columns are left blank, which makes this Remittance Advice irrelevant for want of details.
Is there a way, where this report can capture PO details when an advance is released from our side for a Purchase Order?

Sample of Remittance Advice with blank details:

What if we can change the “Invoice Date” to “Date” and then capture the PO date if the payment released is an advance and then use the PO number under reference? Just a thought…

@lubos Can you please comment?