Reference Numbers for Purchase Invoice and Payment

I have determined that I should be using the Suppliers Order Number as the reference number on the payment template when I am paying an Invoice. This ensures that the Remittance Advice Slip shows the suppliers reference number.

However, when I was looking up how to make purchase invoice numbers increment as I have been using the reference number to number my purchase invoices. However according to this topic Invoice numbering I am supposed to be using the suppliers order number for the reference and not my purchase invoice number. If this is the case, then what is the purpose of having two reference numbers on the payment template. The second reference number on the RHS puts the order number on the Remittance Advice slip. The first reference number is whatever I put on the purchase invoice reference number.

Are we not supposed to be creating invoice 1, invoice 2, invoice 3 etc? This is the way PO numbers work, so not sure why this does not apply for invoices?

What do you mean by payment template?

Purchase invoice reference numbers are not auto-generated. You need to enter the reference number as generated by your supplier on their invoice.

When you click on spend money, it has a reference field on the RHS. However, I have already entered the reference number in the invoice. So if I put the same reference number then the reference number just displays twice. See attached picture. In this instance this is home finances so I don’t have supplier reference numbers like from my grocery store. So I just created invoice 1 on the purchase invoice and reference number 1 on spend money template.

As you can see. I have reference number 1 in reference column and #1 in the account column. The #1 in account column comes from the purchase invoice reference number adn the one in the reference column comes from the spend money reference number. so if we are supposed to be using supplier order number on both the purchase invoice and the spend money page, then we are putting in the reference number twice on the bank statement. I don’t see the point of that.

So what I have done is made the purchase invoice reference number my invoice number and the spend money reference number the order number of the supplier.

I hope that makes sense.

In the spend money reference box I enter a number that I write on the purchase invoice.

Sometimes there may be 8 invoices that I pay in one transaction so I put the same reference number on the top of each invoice then file them away in the correct folder.

I then select supplier credits then supplier then enter the total owed on those 8 invoices.
The reference number enables me to see which invoices were paid on that transaction and find them in my files quickly.

On the purchase invoice tab in the reference box I enter the purchase invoice/document number that the supplier has given me.

Its very interesting to see the different way people use the program. One payment reference number to multiple invoices. However that would not work for Remittance Advices (which admittedly I will not use very often).

I like to have a sequential purchase invoice number for filing paper purposes which is why I do it the way I do it. See my other post for more details if you are interested.

I guess, as long as what you are doing works for you, thats all that matters as everyone has different ways of doing things.

That’s the great thing about manager, it can be used in many ways :blush:

We have always entered our suppliers reference number … but for some reason we have a number stuck in the reference field that we have to manually remove on every new purchase order. Can you please direct me how to fix this issue?