Detailed Information about Payment/Receipt

Attached is a supplier statement. Just want to know, if there is any way I can put more details in each of the payment/receipt(for customers) row, as like, bank name, cheque no etc. Cuz when i print statement out, we see only Payment/Receipt and the amount. Which is why my suppliers/customer have difficulty understanding which payment mode, bank was used for specific transaction so that they know and check with the stated bank for the amount.

Currently, you cannot add more detail.

It is a struggle to understand why this information is even required. Your statement “why my suppliers/customer have difficulty understanding which payment mode, bank was used for specific transaction so that they know and check with the stated bank for the amount” is really baffling.

A) Your customers who pay you: as instigators of the payment surely your customers know (before you even receive the payment) how they are paying - cheque/transfer, bank used etc., so why are you needing to confirm to them what they should already know. So, if your customer are having “difficulty understanding which payment mode, bank they used” to pay you, how are they in business.

B) Your suppliers who you pay: as receivers of the payment surely your suppliers would be recording the *cheque/transfer - bank" appropriately. Your suppliers send statements to their customers with regards to the accounts payable, customers generally don’t send statements to suppliers.

Your business is not your customers/suppliers accounts department. @raJ, as a user of Manager its put that you don’t require these banking details on statements received from Suppliers/Customers as Manger has it all appropriately recorded, therefore it is suggested, with respect, that your suppliers/customers also use Manager to resolve the issue.

This was recently discussed in a different thread.

I agree that it would be very helpful for items in the receipt to include the contents of the Description field, which can be used, for example, to record the check number. Similarly, it would be useful for the customer statement to include the same detail for each payment.


@Brucanna We, suppliers and customers have multiple bank account at several banks and we receive hundreds of checks and TT deposits everyday from Customers. Thus it is vital to enter details of payment in order to track each transaction. Suppose, customer XYZ deposited 5 checks in the same day at different time: $100, $100, $200 at ABC bank and $200 at DEF bank, and $300 at GHI bank. How would you know which deposit at particular bank was cleared and which one is still in progress having a glance in the statement? In our country, it takes 1 to 2 days to clear a check successfully from Clearinghouse(National Bank) to our account. Check no./TT no. would help to determine which transaction was/was not successful. After we can send statement to the customers, they will instantly know which check/TT or transaction at which bank was not successful and need to be taken care of as it is very usual in our country of unsuccessful transaction due to wrong/invalid signature, insufficient paperwork, limit or barred reasons. It is also very difficult to know at which bank account they deposited to just viewing the customer statement.

We also issue many checks and deal with TT for suppliers as well. Supplier Statement should let us understand which check or TT deposit at differenet banks was cleared or still in progress. I believe it is important to enter transaction details in order to know which of our bank and check was used to make the payment at which bank account of the suppliers.

I hope above is clear now and sincere apology for misinterpretation in my last post.

@Jon we have same thought.

@lubos i hope you have something to say regarding above maybe?

I lean to have the same view as @Brucanna

If you receive multiple cheques from the same customer, then you should use Reference field when recording these cheques to capture cheque number. Whatever is in reference field will show on customer/supplier statement.

Would that solve the issue?

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It partially solves the issue. Need to mention issuing bank name, check no. check date as well. Can the field be a longer one maybe?

It will already accept a lot of text. I don’t know exactly how much, but certainly enough for bank, cheque no., and date.

Agreed. But you can’t see what you are typing/typed until saved and then return back again and edit. Too small field to see all wordings at once in edit mode.

Reference field is really meant to just enter some transaction code or number.

Will this apply to a Payment Receipt as well, or just to a Customer Statement? (I hope both!)

Yeah, but remember, on a receipt, the Reference appears in the heading, not in a line item. This does not really address your previously expressed desire for more detail in payment and receipt vouchers. This topic has been focused on statements.