Reminder for invoice

I would like to know if there is a better way to send a reminder to an customer.
At the moment a customer have to pay in 14 days. If this doesn’t happen I clone the invoice, adjust the dates and have a custom field saying: 1st reminder. This way i still keep the original invoice but am also able to send a reminder.

The downside of this is that I have to invoice, with the same amount and invoice number. When the payment is being done I can’t set both of them as completed because than the amount in the bank wont be right anymore.

What is the best way to solve this?

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Not only will the bank account be wrong, your income will be overstated because you have entered it twice. So you will pay unnecessary tax. And you will forever have a duplicate invoice in your system.

All you have to do is be sure you have entered a due date on the invoice, either by specifying a date or number of days net. Once you are past the due date, if you open and print it, it will have a big, red OVERDUE stamp on the bottom. Send them the same invoice with the OVERDUE stamp.

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Thanks for your response Tut. When I view the invoice I don’t see an overdue stamp on the bottom.
At first I thought I had to blame my custom template, but when using the standard template the stamp still isn’t there,

You’re right, the stamp won’t appear with a custom invoice template. But it should appear with the default one. Are you sure the invoice shows a due date? And is it in the past? What version of Manager are you using?

I’m using Manager version 16.3.41.

When I create a new view template and don’t change the default input and use that as my invoice template then there is no stamp on it.

I’m using invoice date and due date 14 days. Don’t change anything further.

Well, I managed to get a copy of the template my dad is using.
The code is there and I managed to get it into my own template. Thanks tut!

To be clear, @Systemedic, when I said the stamp should appear with the default template, I was definitely not referring to the example template that appears when you click on New View Template. That is not the template from which Manager generates sales invoices by default. It is just an example of what a template might look like. It omits many of the features of the standard sales invoice, including status stamps and showing amounts that might already have been applied to the invoice in partial payment.

Aah didn’t know that! Thanks anyway