Overdue stamp sign doesn't appear

I have created an invoice overdue the Overdue Stamp sign does’t appear.please help which way I want create overdue invoice?

Are you using custom HTML template? Or not?

Dear sir, I am not using custom HTML code.

Dear Sir, later I used custom html code still same problems


            {% if balance_due > 0 %}
            <div>{{ terms_and_payment_advice }}</div>
            {% if overdue %}
                <div style="text-align: center; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px"><span style="color: red; border: 5px solid red; padding: 10px; font-size: 20px; transform:rotate(-15deg); -ms-transform:rotate(-15deg); -moz-transform:rotate(-10deg); -webkit-transform:rotate(-10deg); -o-transform:rotate(-10deg);">{{strings.overdue | capitalize }}</span></div>
            {% endif %}
              {{ payment_advice_cutaway }}
            {% endif %}

If you are not using HTML template, then Overdue stamp will show. If it doesn’t, perhaps your date on your computer is set in future? Or you didn’t set Due date at all?

Dear Sir, I am sure not using HTML template and system date is perfect as picture

. I am using ver 15.5.65 or how to create overdue invoice. what I done wrong

Your invoice will become overdue on 12/10/15 your due date is 11/10/15

Dear itmoto, I can’t understand, is due date must be 15 days over? in spite of change date over 15 days. problem same status. Doesn’t appear Overdue Stamp seal.

Create a test invoice dated 26/9/15 and set due date of 27/9/15 then when you view it it should be one day overdue.

Dear itmoto, as your suggestion I changed sale date between due date 30 days gap. But still Doesn’t appear Overdue Stamp seal.

@cyberindia, the example you showed has a due date of October 11, 2015. Currently, it is still September. So that particular example is not yet overdue. That is one problem.

A second problem, which I suspect is happening from other posts you have made on this forum, is that you have, in fact, modified the sales invoice view template. Earlier in this thread, you told @lubos you were not using a custom HTML template. But if you have changed anything in a view template, you are. You have said elsewhere that you did change the template. Once you do that, the overdue stamp feature no longer functions, because it is not in the sample HTML code that appears when you start a new view template.

Dear Tut, How to Create Overdue Invoice. Please step by step
Thanks & Regards

You do not create overdue invoices, @cyberindia. Manager does it automatically when the due date you entered is past. But the invoice will not be stamped as Overdue if you have customized the view template that appears when you create a new view template, because that example does not include that feature. If you want to customize your invoices and still have that Overdue stamp appear, you will have to write the code to make it happen yourself.

Thank you, Tut