Invoice due date

Maybe I am missing something here but it appears that you have to manually type in a due date for every invoice you create. It would be easier to set a default setting (ie 14 days) so that this is automatically filled in rather than having to work out the date in your head. Also, I can’t seem to see the due date in the actual invoice.

There will be a plugin where you will be able to setup pre-defined payment terms and then use them on invoices instead of manually entering due date.

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I just voted on this and added a comment:

I find it useful to create a working invoice well before I am ready to
send it, so I can add items as I work. I will often change the invoice
date. For me, it would be good if the due date changed with the
invoice date.

There is another related thing I noticed which might be a quick fix…

I have a number of invoices with future issue dates. This gives me a quick overview of what I’m expecting to be invoicing in the coming month. These invoices are included in my profit and loss report for the year, but they don’t appear at all on the Summary page. What about adding a “Future” line to Accounts receivable?

Keep up the great work!

Hi Lubos,

In invoice only showing due date.

But i want to show the payment terms like "CASH BILL’’ , “30 DAYS CREDIT” , “60 DAYS CREDIT” like that.
how can i do that.

Put that information in the Notes field.

Thanks tut,

Please find attached an invoice prepared with tally.
we are normally giving payment terms in days,
Can you give an additional option to display the payment terms in days.


Ahmed Ansar

That option already exists. When you create the sales invoice, there is a dropdown box under Due Date. You can choose “By” and enter a calendar date or “Net” and enter the number of days. You can also click the blue text to set a default.

My original response suggested putting information into Notes field because you said you wanted to include text information.

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Thanks for your reply,

I tried that option, but in invoice it shows the due date only, not like above invoice.

What version are you using? Check according to This feature was added in version 15.0.92 one year ago. You may need to update your software.

Thanks for your reply,
I am using latest version 16.3.8.

There is an option to select by due date and net days. But the result is same. there is no change in invoice.
Please find bellow two invoices , 1st one - I gave due date 15-4-16 and 2 nd - I gave net 30 days. there is no change in invoice.

I need to print payment terms ; Cash Invoice, 30 days, 60 days like that. Here we have no option to print Cash invoice.

Why do you insist to print payment terms like that? If you like, you can create a custom field on sales invoice with predefined payment terms. Then these payment terms will show on your invoice.

Payment terms should be noticeable in first view. Can i create custom field for payment terms on top of the invoice. Now i am writing like below, it will be good if we have that option in softer ware.

Currently custom fields can be shown at the bottom of the document only. I plan to add support for other positioning in future.

It seems far more useful to show a specific date an invoice will be due than to only list terms. This also allows Manager to generate aged receivables reports and show detailed status in Sales Invoices register. The existing options cover both possibilities: a specific date or net number of days, while showing both as calendar dates for the convenience of the customer. And if you want to note terms in text, you can still put that in the Notes field. Until the custom field location enhancement has been added, you also have the option of creating your own sales invoice template.