Can I make a letter or invoice reminder in Manager?

I love this program!

One thing, I can’t find…
I have to sent a invoice reminder to a not-paying-client.

Is it possible for me to make a template for this, so when a invoice is overdue,
with a few clicks I have a reminder for that invoice, to sent to the client?

Or make a letter to a client.
Now I have to use my old exel sheet and word to make a letter.
It would be nice to use the database of Manager, and it’s layout for my letters!

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Go to Reports and send a Customer Statement. Select the Unpaid Invoices option. The statement will list overdue amounts.

Thank you Tut.

this is not what I mean. (or I can’t find it)

I want to use Manager also to sent the client the reminder for the invoice.

Something like:

Dear Mrs Pount

Account 321

We recently brought to your attention the above
referenced account via our previous dunning letter.
The amount of € 456,50 is now considerably past due
and we are concerned that to date we have not received a payment from you.
We would request immediate payment in order to keep
your credit in good standing and to avoid any disruption to our
business partnership.

Please courier your payment today.

Yours faithfully


I want to change the text to my own ofcouse but want to use the (invoice)data and layout of Manager
and then, sent it to the client.



I think your only option, if you want to stay within Manager, is to email another copy of the invoice. You can add your message in the Notes field. But Manager isn’t really a correspondence management or customer relationship application, just a good accounting package.

Thanks Tut,

True! I really like this program! :grinning:
I had liked it even more when it had this option… haha

Mayby a nice thing for a next update? :wink:

If you want to send specific invoice again to remind customer it is overdue, then what is @Tut suggesting is way to go (sending the invoice again). The only piece that is missing is ability to set default “overdue” message.

It won’t be the next update but it will be possible within a few months.

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Thank you @lubos!

Any update about that?

The default dunning notice has not appeared yet. I’m not sure exactly when it was added, but if you are using the standard sales invoice, a red OVERDUE stamp appears after the due date has passed. You can, of course, edit the notes field.

It seems more professional, however, to put your payment demands in a covering letter or email. But that’s just my opinion.