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I’ve just installed the latest edition of Manager (17.5.18) and I find out that I cannot save any report in .csv anymore is that a bug?

Manager no longer creates a csv file.

Instead a window opens with the data in plain text. Highlight the data / text, copy, and then paste it into your spreadsheet.

The latest version is 17.6.18.

Is there a way to save the descriptions without the tabs (the spaces on the left)?

If you are referring to the indent of the sub account names in the first column of Excel, I can only suggest a solution in Excel:

Highlight Column A,
Open the Find and Replace dialog (Ctrl H in Windows),
In the “Find what” field, put two spaces (hit the space bar twice),
Do not put anything in the “Replace with” field,
Click the Replace All button.

I just find out that with the TRIM function of excel you can obtain it automatically.