'Tab & Copy'


Great product, I’ve used the free version for nearly two years now and I’m very grateful for it. Something was lost in the last big update though and I was hoping we could get it back:

Like a lot of people doing data entry in multiple boxes, I use the ‘tab’ button a lot. When I use Manager to create a new journal I pick the relevant account on line one, ‘tab’ to ‘description’, fill that in, ‘tab’ to the ‘debit’ column, then ‘shift-tab’ back to the ‘description’ and it used to highlight the text allowing me to ‘ctrl-c’ (copy) the text so I could then ‘ctrl-v’ (paste) the text in the second line, saving me from having to touch my mouse or retyping the text.

I know it’s only a small thing and I don’t want to sound petty but if you could put it back it would help speed up my inputs and hopefully other peoples.


The current version works the same way the program always has, so far as I know. You can still tab and shift-tab between fields. But selecting the field does not highlight the text within it. It only makes the field active. You can select the text with your operating system’s select-all keystrokes and then copy. You can paste, as always. But you still need to select specific text or position the cursor.

Maybe someone else remembers things ever being different from the way they are now. Maybe there has been a change in your operating system that is responsible for any differences you notice. After all, Manager is a browser and is subject to the same behavior rules as other browsers on your system.

I can assure you Tut this is not a figure of my imagination. In fact if you use Manager right now and tab between the fields all of them apart from those in the ‘description’ column highlight the contents of the boxes.

Then the behavior is related to operating system or edition. Behavior I described is on the desktop edition on macOS.