Export to excel

Why does the manager does not have Export to excel option like the pdf option?
Since all accountants and auditors are working with excel and analyse data in excel it would be a lifetime saving to include an option like that.

It does. The export process allows copying in TSV format and pasting into any spreadsheet or word processing document, not just Excel. Read the Guide: Copy lists and reports | Manager.

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Hi Tut,

For some reason the function of export and paste to excel seems not to working anymore. I am using this procedure at least once a week, but when I tried today, the paste in Excel did not “separate” the columns, meaning that there is only one string per line, and there is no special character between columns in order to try separate them. I can provide a sample if you wish.

I use:
Manager version 20.2.34
Excel Office 365 on a Macbook
and copy and paste method works fine.
What versions of Manager.io and Excel software do you use?
Do you have Libre Office installed? Does the same problem occur with Libre Office?

Hi @ries,

I use:
Manager version 20.2.34
Excel Office 2016 on a Windows 7 HP laptop

Not tried in other office suite yet.
Last update: I found a work-around: in copy-paste proccess first in word and from word to excel for some funny reason it works! Go figure!

I suggest you explore the many options for pasting in Excel, including those under Paste Special. Options vary by Excel version, geographic region, etc. Remember, what you are copying from Manager is not from an Excel file, it is TSV format. Your spreadsheet seems to be expecting something besides what it is getting.