"Recurring Receipts" and "Recurring Payments"

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Currently available features/menus “Recurring Journal Entries”, “Recurring Payslips”, “Recurring Purchase Invoices”, and “Recurring Sales Invoices”.

Is it possible to provide “Recurring Receipts” and “Recurring Payments” features/menus?

This is very helpful so as not to forget to pay debts or receive receivables that are not through sales invoices or purchase invoices. Such as debts to banks that use auto debit on bank accounts.

Thank you for your attention.

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Never knew there wasn’t any recurring receipts and payments. Why not?

Why aren’t you using bank import which covers all receipts & payments.

Added to the latest version (22.8.21). Under Settings, then Recurring Transactions, you can now create new recurring receipts and payments.


The Yellow Bar for Recurring Sale Invoices isn’t appearing, despite the fact that, there are some due invoices.

I don’t know, if there is a problem, or I am missing something.

Fyi, Recurring Journal Entries yellow bar appears as usual with no problem.

I am using Cloud Version on Mac

@Drew_Mike my bad. I can reproduce the issue. It’s fixed in the latest version (22.8.22)

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Recurring Payslips is not working correctly. In the Payslip tab I can see that there are 4 “orange” recurring payslips (which is correct in my system) but when I click on them the page just goes to Payslips tab and I can’t see them to create them.

@Arthur_Szilagyi that has been fixed in the latest version (22.8.22) as well.

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Hi Lubos, thank you for your quick response. The version I have is but I am using the cloud edition and I was under the assumption that it automatically updates to the latest version. I can’t seem to find the procedure to update it. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Go to https://cloud.manager.io then click Restart Cloud Server to force the update.

Done. Thank you Lubos.

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