Ability to do Recurring Payslips

Is there an option for recurring payslips.

With a normal wage or salary the same details apply for 11 of the 12 months
of the year. It would be nice if the software can create recurring payslips for
those periods.

With regards to employees receiving commission (which changes every month)
the recurring payslips will obviously not apply.

Not yet, for now, use Clone button to clone previous payslip and adjust information (if necessary).

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Thank you so much. Will use the “Clone” button. Regards

Just wondering if recurring payslips will be available any time soon? Being able to fully automate those pays which stay the same each week using recurring payslips and bank rules would be a real time saver.

We have approx 65 employees and this feature of cloning is really cumbersome. When is the functionality of re-curing payslips be available? It would be really nice to have this feature…

Ability to create recurring payslips has been added to the latest version (15.7.7)

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Thank you, that is fantastic! :grinning:

Thank you sir. There are many features that we hope arrive to make the payroll model better but i will like to make this request.

The Payslip Report called Payslip deductions summary should be modified to display not only payslip deductions but both Earnings and Payslip deductions. Please see an excel export from one accounting software that I have attached and get a clearer picture of the suggestion I am Making.

Tax and Government social security officers in my country always look for this kind of statement/Report.

Next big things I am hoping to see in Manager.io payroll in the future is the ability to make the values of some payslip items dependent on other payslip items or on the outcome of the addition/difference of some payslip items by computing rates/fractions/percentages/progressive rates and other user defned fomulars on these outcomes or payslip items.

The ability to put employees into categories in reports.

And also the ability to select any number of employees and run bulk payslip based on predefined salary structures in settings.

Thank you sir

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