Automatic reference on recurring payments

Dear @lubos When i create Recurring Payments and Enable Automatic reference, It’s not creating the Reference number automatically when we Batch create Recurring Payment.

Let me know is it designed like this or it’s a bug.

@hmdaadil, your post was moved to a new topic because it was not related to the thread where you posted it.

Which version of Manager are you using?


Please explain what you try to do as I can not see a function to batch create recurring payments.

@hmdaadil, you cannot Batch Create any type of recurring transaction. Recurring transactions are not transactions themselves. They are templates for creating future transactions. But all types of actual transactions can be created using the Batch Create function.

Automatic reference numbers can be set individually, on a transaction by transaction basis. Or you can make that the default option for any transaction type using Form Defaults. Either way, a reference number is assigned when the transaction is created, not while it is being initially entered. (That is because multiple users could be using the same tab and some transactions take a long time to enter.)