Repayment arrangements on Invoices

Good day and thankx for the good job. Well I am new in both Manager and its forum. I have two qs pls:

  1. Is it possible to create an invoice (sales and/or purchase) to spread payments to periodic repayments; so that

  2. The invoice can immediately be printed or emailed to the customer/supplier for agreement by both parties?

If you want to establish an agreement between parties, then perhaps the “Sales Quote” tab could be used to set out the payment terms. With the Sales Quote form , you can change the heading to any title you want - Purchase Agreement. Enter text only in the Description or Notes field, even create custom fields for a signature panel

Then once the agreement is in place, you would then create the accounting transactions, rather then the opposite way round where you create the accounting transaction before the agreement is signed.

Thank you @Brucanna. But is it possible if I create a recurring invoice now
for the next 1yr recurring on weekly basis to issue them immediately so
that I can print/email customer statement giving details of the occurances.

If I understand your question, the answer is no. The recurring feature only notifies you when invoices are due. It does not actually create the invoices, because that would violate accounting principles by recording income you have not earned. (You would also have to potentially pay taxes on that phantom income, too.)

A possible solution would be to clone the first invoice and set dates in the future. These will show in the invoices tab with red dates, but will be ignored for accounting purposes until their issue dates arrive. You can view and print such invoices.

Not from within Manager, but this shouldn’t stop you from issuing a typed (word doc) Invoice detailing the payment schedule. Then within Manger, set up the Recurring Invoice to match that schedule.

I really began to enjoy this, I missed a lot before. My business involves Supplying and purchasing while payment is installmental normally on weekly equal installments for up to one year. How do I put the due date(s) on the invoice so that it will reflect the arrangement.

Pls note I want also be monitoring aged items.

By entering all the required details on the Invoice, but that means for “weekly equal instalments for up to one year” entering 52 due dates.

To clarify, are you wanting to create one Invoice with a schedule of payment dates or are you wanting to create 52 Invoices being one for each week.

I want to create one Invoice with a schedule of payment dates.

Therefore attach to the Invoice the required payment date schedule. Entering all that payment information repeatedly into Invoices would be nightmarish.

You could create a Master payment schedule document and just add the dates to it, or you could simplify it all by having a term something like this:

Your first payment is due on —/---/— for 000.00 and then the same amount on every xxxxxday of each week until ----/----/----

Good day to all.


  1. How do I have auto TOTAL of QUANTITY on Purchase Invoice? We give commission on Total Quantity purchased from a customer at the end of every month irrespective of types of goods he supplied.

  2. Also additional column for QUANTITY on Customer Statement; and

  3. On the Customer Statement all columns (Quantity, Debit and Credit) to get auto TOTAL at the end.

Thank you.

Manager doesn’t calculate this number, so there is no way to get it. You will have to maintain separate records to support your commission calculations.

Since Manager doesn’t calculate the number, it cannot appear on a statement.

You cannot change the format or content of statements.