Recurring Payments & Receipts

I have a suggestion. Our dear developer can you please introduce recurring payments & receipts. As all banks have offer a service for periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual) payments with a fixed amount that gets deducted directly from the bank account. I know it is possible to do so the importing bank account statements and setup some bank rules, but in many retail businesses who deal with cash with many customers they are really in need for this feature to ease & smoothen our work as accountants to keep up with the huge numbers of similar payments with the same product, same amount & same customer except for a different dates.

A recurring receipt or payment would only remind you that a transaction is due on a certain date. The program would keep reminding you and force you to eventually create such transactions, whether or not one actually occurred. In a retail situation, can you be certain a specific customer will come into the store at the same interval and buy the same thing? Probably not.

A better solution for your situation is to clone the customer’s last similar transaction.

A customer indeed buys similar product & services with the same price on weekly basis as we’ve a long term contract with him! However, we don’t offer on credit account, that’s why we don’t recognize him as a “Customer” and don’t generate a sales invoice for him so his “customer account” can’t accumulate in our accounts receivables.

So cloning is perfect and takes less effort than a recurring transaction. Remember, recurring transactions only set up reminders.

Reminders would be very helpful for end-of-month transactions (bank fees for example) that ought be entered before reporting P&L for the month.

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