Reoccurring payments

Hi guys
I may have overlooked it but is there anywhere to set up a reoccurring payment - such as my indemnity insurance going out every month from my bank account and my bank

No. Only recurring sales invoices.

Do you use Import Bank Statement, if yes, set up a Bank Rule and then those transaction can be posted without manual input.


Thanks anyway. Which is a pain as I have no use for reoccurring sales in my business but the reoccurring payments are a pain :frowning:

Are you aware of the Clone feature?

Then why not consider using the Import Statement feature. It doesn’t have to be based on the statement period, you could do it weekly if your financial institution allows data selection based on date parameters.

Reoccurring Invoices ? I have been looking for such an option as I have weekly rents coming in via bank transaction. I would like to send out a balance statement to the tenants every month but can’t reconcile in Money Manager their payments unless I create invoice manually every week. I could not find a “reoccurring invoice option”. Can you advise ?

Thanks Karlheinz

You can only set up recurring sales invoices. See the Guide: Set up and manage recurring sales invoices | Manager. You cannot set up recurring purchase invoices. But for rents, sales invoices are what you want anyway.

Hi Tut, thanks for your prompt response.
I would like to send my tenants a statement ever month. They pay the rent into my account which is uploaded every couple of weeks. At the moment I am creating a spreadsheet where I show their payments and the rentals due every week and draw a balance at the bottom. This allows me to stay on track with the payments.
I have been able to create a reoccurring invoice to show what they own me. The banking transactions have the payments. What I intend to do is to produce a report to provide the tenant a statement every month. Does that make sense?

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Karlheinz Ohm

Read the guide about customer statements: Issue customer statements | Manager. Then ask specific questions if you still have them.