Recurring Email Addresses

Not sure if this has been covered yet, however could the system keep in memory, in the “Send To” field, the Email Addresses that I have previously used, to send Invoices/Statements/Quotes etc. to…?

For example, I start to type the the email address that I want to send a form to, and the system will pickup the text typed and list all the potential email addresses that one has in the Address or Contacts list, such as those in Gmail or Outlook?

You can set this before hand to the customer. If you then click view on the invoice then go email the email address of that customer will already be there.

Yeah, autocomplete for email addresses hasn’t been implemented but if you set emails for your customers under Customers tab, then customer email address will be automatically pre-filled when emailing them invoices, quotes, customer statements, credit notes etc…

Thanks for the advise guys. Will try this option…

Is there any possibility of adding default email addresses for quotes, invoices and statements etc. to the Customer tab?
Email address Quote
Email address Invoice
Email address Statement

Use case: The customer is a large organisation. Although the email address can be set under Customers tab, an invoice will go to accountspayable@, a quote will go to an area manager and/or the chairperson, a statement will go to somewhere else again.

Also, a drop down box of previously used email addresses from the ‘To’ field would be helpful.



Thank you for guidance on this…

however what to do if an Organisation has more that one Accounts person and have respective email address and the invoices or statements has to reach all of them…

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Then you need to manually add addresses. Or, you can maintain a group address in your regular email client, save a PDF of the transaction in Manager, and attach the PDF to an email sent to the group address.

Also, please do not add unrelated questions to existing topics. Your question about group emails had nothing to do with recurring addresses.


Thank you for the advice…yes when you dont have an option to add email addresses dynamically then one has to add manually. Any plans on adding an addressbook from where email addresses an be dynamically fetched why sending the emails ?

I am new here so again I will try to follow your advice on - “please do not add unrelated questions to existing topics”
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Manager is not going to be turned into an address book or customer relationship management tool. The developer has previously expressed his opinion that there are too many other options for those available.