Problem adding email address to Invoice & Statements

I have added an email address to my customer profile, however when I do a receipt & try to email, I have to add the email address manually. I thought this should be an automatic action

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I’m also run a freight forwarding company thought the same thing that this option should be automatic
I think this is a bug originally this option should be automatic

to get any help you should always specify basic details like what version, edition and your OS.

The Receipt transaction is not necessarily linked to a customer, so I suppose this is why the email address field is not populated.

In some cases, where the receipt is linked to an invoice, it could in fact be linked to more than one invoice and thus to more than one customer - it wouldn’t be clear how to populate the email address in that eventuality. So it is simpler to have it filled in manually

Let’s be really clear. Invoices and statements (the subject of this topic) are issued for defined customers. If you have entered an email address for the customer in the Customers tab, that address automatically appears when emailing those transactions from within the program.

Receipts are not issued to customers, but to payees, for which no records are kept by Manager. When a payee happens to also be a customer, the receipt is still processed the same way, and the payee is not connected with any customer’s definition and, therefore, not with the customer’s email address. (Receipts are associated with a customer’s account only by being posted as debits to the customer’s subaccount under Accounts receivable.)