Sending emails to multiple email addresses from Manager


I had a question in my mind earlier - Sending emails to multiple email addresses from Manager

Say an organisation is having 3 accounting positions (Example - Chief Manager, Manager, Accountant) to whom your email should reach at once along with your invoice or statement. Either you have to fill these email id’s manually or download the statement / invoice and send them via another email client.


I tried creating a demo email as -

There I added the 3 email forwarders to their respective email addresses for these 3 (Example - Chief Manager, Manager, Accountant) with the newly created email id - is now forwarded to

Now I add the email - Under → Manager → Customers → Email address

Once added then when you are sending an invoice / statement to this customer this email id will automatically appear in the To address while sending and will forward invoice / statement to all the 3 accounting positions (Example - Chief Manager, Manager, Accountant).

This will help to save time and effort for sending out multiple emails at once and increase automation as you can later add or delete forwarders from the email to control who receives these emails…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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your suggestion will require a user to create separate email id of their own for each customer and then set forwarding address. i do not think this is a practical approach.

why complicate things when all you have to do is set all the email address as comma separated for the customer.
Customers-> Email address


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