Multiple email addresses per customers

It would be useful to have multiple email addresses per customer with tags, for example a contact email and a billing email to use to send invoices.


This would be nice to have. Call the email field Email /Text Then in the email window the address field would be a drop down box to choose which address to use. This would allow the use of SMS Gateway address to send a quick text message to a customer. Also a tick box not to include the attachment- invoice, sales order,etc, when sent. Having this function in the customer information window would be a plus too. Sometimes i need to send a message to a customer even though the customer doesn’t have an invoice at the moment.

Manager is not intended as a customer relationship management tool. It’s an accounting tool. Many users choose it because it is small and uncluttered with other features. There are plenty of apps, including your standard email and phone apps, that will remember your customer’s addresses and phone numbers for you.

I wasn’t looking for a full blown CRM. I was merely suggesting an enhancement of a feature already in Manager. If its already there why not make it just a little bit better? After all it is called Manager, not Accounting.


Thanks, you just made my up my mind on purchasing this software.

Just thinking aloud here but even within an accounting context if we think about the functions manager already provides I can absolutely see and agree with the need for multiple contacts. E.g. primary sales email to whom to send a PO. Primary Buyer contact for a sales order. Primary customer AP contact to send customer invoices, primary supplier payables contact for supplier invoice questions and statements etc. These are arguably accounting function related contact ‘roles’ applicable without a CRM context. Anyway, I completely agree with Tut that Manager isn’t a contact manager nor CRM software and it shouldn’t try to be, but, even from the perspective of keeping contacts to accounting related roles, multiple contacts does seems like a valid accounting software related ‘idea’ to me? Please excuse my thinking aloud.

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I agree that this would be useful.

However, as I avoid using the built-in email functionality anyway, it doesn’t directly affect me. I just send the emails to the necessary email addresses from my regular email inbox.

The workaround would be to just not use the built-in email functionality for your business. Download a PDF of the file you want to send your customer, open up your regular email client, and send to the necessary recipient.