Recorded Receipt don't appear in invoice as less

Hi, I am using Manager since 5 years. I had taken backup of my data in Aug 2020 in Linux platform and restored it in Manager version 20.9.71 in windows. Since I have restored the data file, when I record an overdue invoice’s receipt in cash in hand, the entry gets recorded but does not appear in invoice as less amount like it appeared before. Also the amount of the invoice still shown balance due and invoice overdue. This issue appears strange to me. I have considerably huge data, can not afford to make entries once again. What would you suggest to fix this issue. I am stuck at this step.

If anything else is required to address the issue, please let me know I am new in forum.

UPDATE: I deleted the problematic invoice and again created a fresh invoice. Then created a fresh receipt of the fresh invoice. Still the problem exists. Invoice amount still appears as unpaid.

Attaching the screen shots of invoice, receipt, overdue proof, no less entry.

I have a custom field of GST number. For invoice I am using just plain theme.

Please post screen shots of the Edit screens of the sales invoice and the receipt. If necessary, obscure proprietary information, but do not obscure the line items themselves.

Also, are you using a custom theme on the sales invoice? If so, does the problem occur when using the default, Plain theme?

That’s because your receipts is recording a new sale rather than settling an invoice.

To settle an invoice you should issue a receipt and you should leave the item blank and in the lines do the following:

  1. select “accounts receivable” as your account, then
  2. select “customer abc” as your customer, then
  3. select “invoice xyz”
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Thank you, this solution worked.