Changing date on cash receipt created from invoice makes invoice overdue

New to Manager, I’m trying to re-enter older data. I’m using simple cash basis account. I create Sales Invoice dated in December 2018, from the invoice I select New receipt and choose cash account, leave everything to default. Invoice shows paid, reports shows income, great - this works well!
However the receipt shows incorrectly issued in July 2019 (which is today by default) So I try to change the date in that receipt as the money has been actually received in Jan 2019. This action caused the invoice to become overdue and income no longer shows in report neither in Summary. Yet the receipt reads “amount received”.
My financial year ends in June, if I change the date of the receipt to any day in July, invoice remains paid, if moved to June and earlier, it fails. Why?

you need to post screen images of the transaction edit screens

Here is visual story :
Firstly Ive created invoice and from there an receipt, looks good paid in full - note invoice in from Dec 2018

The receipt has today date:

Cash account looks good too :

Let’s fix the receipt date just a day to last financial year (but same financial year as the invoice)

Suddenly invoice is overdue

Account is empty

just as summary for the whole period

Again, I’m trying to backdate the receipt to when I received the money (Jan 2019)
Hope that helps, thanks!

You need to show the edit transaction.

The screens you show do not show all the information needed to help

This is the edit screen

let me know if anything else I can provide to explain. Thank you

post the edit screen for the Sale Invoice

Also, are you trying to enter opening balances? What is your start date, if any?

That’s it! The start date was set to 1 of July 2019, that’s why it failed! Thank you for your help :heart_eyes: