Sales invoice problem

There is an issue in Sales invoice

Balance should be receivable, but it’s showing Paid.

But in customer tab, it’s showing correct.

Please fix it

You need to post full images from a display large enough to show relevant information. These phone images are not useful.

You also need to show bothe Edit and View screens for the sales invoice. Also post a screenshots of the drilll-downs on the balance due for the sales invoice and the customer’s receivables balance.

I didn’t make receipt against this invoice but it’s makes auto receipt.

But, it’s don’t make any impact on Cash balance.

Find the receipt on 6 September for 1,430 and post a screen shot of the Edit screen.

this is the problem. there is not any receipt on 6 September for 1,430. This is not created by me. It’s auto-generated.

you can see, in edit mode & view mode the “receipt on 6 September for 1,430” is not same.
this amount does not hit on Cash but somehow shows.

there is a receipt on 6 September for this customer. it is 5,805

The receipt for $5,805 is being allocated to overdue sales invoices in order of oldest outstanding invoice.
To allocate a receipt to a specific invoice you need to nominate the invoice in the receipt (not leave it as “Automatic”).

To get an idea of how the receipt has been allocated in the customer listing drill down on the balance for that customer.

You have a problem in that you made a journal entry for this customer for a previous receivable in the amnount of 5,805 back in 2016. That is not how you enter starting balances, if that is what that was. Your recent receipt was automatically applied to that balance. You need to read the Guide about starting balances for customers and correct your records using the proper procedures. Then let us know if you still have a problem.

Thanks for your response. Can you attach some screenshots to understand, please?

Read the Guide. There are illustrated examples there.

Thank you for your email

this issue because manager i.o auto allocated the receipt to the oldest outstanding invoice.
its better if this option stopped.

Please do not. I use it in several administrations.


That feature will not be abandoned. You already have the option for complete control over this by designating invoice posting.

You can also prevent automated allocation without designating an invoice by using special accounts. There is a Guide about that procedure.