Overdue status in the sales invoice

Well I am very ne to accounting and your software has been really like a magic wand for me to make things easy. I am basically Doctor by profession and also have invested in different areas one of which is a company i run in africa . Although my accountant and auditors take care of things after i learned about manager i thought of giving it a try on my own not for the government financial audit submission but to have clear trace of every penny we receive and spend for. Having said that we recently made a purchase and have delivered the same goods to our client as a sale. i recorded both those but they are in different currencies but then again the sales invoice still show the status overdue on the status column even after raising a reciept and payment voucher on the same. kindly help. below are the screen shots


The screen shots you have shown are not sufficient to determine what is going on. You must show the Edit screens of the actual transactions. I suspect you did not post the receipt properly. See https://www.manager.io/guides/7820.

thank you for the spontaneous reply. Well I corrected my mistake the thing i did was i didn’t enter the date in the column next to the cleared status bar so only the manager couldn’t accept it as paid now the issue has been solved. And I am very much thankful to you for you have asked about the edit screens or else it would have never popped in my head to check in the edit screens. Thank you again.